Joseph Saaid is an up and coming photographer. In 2009, Joseph’s family moved from Sudan to Omaha, Nebraska. Currently, he is a student studying Marketing and Business Administration.

Working with a variety of individuals and local businesses, he has had the privilege of helping them tell their unique stories through photos.

Clean, distraction free logo design.

When creating the logo for Joseph Saaid, it was clear from the beginning to keep it simple. Photographers rely on their images to sell their work, not their logo. We created a clean wordmark and emblem variation that could be used on marketing collateral as well as a watermark for his creative work.

A simple palette to define his style.

The Joseph Saaid photography brand relies on a simple color palette. The palette consists of two primary color, red and black, and three secondary colors, dark shade of red and two grey tones.

The color palette is used for typography and all graphic elements, excluding his photography, as to not distract from his creative work.

Beyond the Car, Chariots4Hope second annual gala.

Melissa’s Story was shown to the attendees at the Gala in two parts. Melissa is a recipient of a Chariots4Hope vehicle, prior to becoming a staff member with Chariots4Hope. She was the recipient of the vehicle donated by Rachel, who’s story was highlighted at the previous years Gala

The second film was of a sign language performance performed at the end of the 2017 Gala. While the third film was released after the Gala of the poem that was written and read by recipient Destiny. She read the poem during the Gala. 

Under the Hood, the 2018 Gala.

Under the Hood, Chariots4Hope third annual gala brought a filming challenge. The focus of the Gala was all the aspects of Chariots4Hope after a vehicle was donated. As the non-profit is people focus, our approach was to capture all the people involved in the process, everyone Under the Hood. With a slick voice over we captured over 50 people highlighting from the sponsors, donors, volunteers, pastors, staff, referring organizations and partners, all for the recipient to receive reliable transportation. Each day of filming was filled with joy hearing the stories of each person’s involvement in the organization.

The second video we produced was a time-lapse of a donated vehicle. When the vehicle was donated to Chariots4Hope it had heavy hail damage. The crew at Inter-Tech Collision replaced the roof, fixed the remaining hail damage, re-painted the vehicle restoring it to a like-new finish. The vehicle in the time-lapse was then presented to an unexpecting recipient at during the 2018 Gala. 

The beginning of developing a clean, concise brand.

During the production design of the Under the Hood Gala, we needed to create a consistent visual look for their event. Staying near to the previous visuals design, we began to clarify the branding of Chariots4Hope. Previously their elements were dark in nature, not expressing the joy and freedom the organization provides to its recipients. Our designs kept with the previous branding feel while creating a more vibrant feel. Blacks were still used, however, in the Gala slide deck we added slides heavy in bright white and yellows. A hint of future branding efforts we plan on continuing through the years.

A simple project to share their redefined mission.

As we continue to work with Chariots4Hope, we are mindful of non-profit’s tight budgets. With future projects being added to our schedule, we are slowly providing a clear brand for the Chariots4Hope organization. We have brightened the yellow in the emblem, darkening the black and utilizing the emblem as a watermark on images. As well, we have begun to utilize a consistent typeface, all in the efforts to creating an extraordinary brand. 


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Joseph Saaid, Portrait and Fashion Photographer