Purple Properties, LLC. was created in 2013 to manage the properties of Entrepreneur and CEO Dan Roberts of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The name came from his love for the color purple.


The shape and color representing the company and founder.

There were multiple concepts for the logo of Purple Properties, each seemed to fall short. The CEO’s favorite color was purple and his style was abstract modernism. The paintings throughout his office space reflected this style. The conclusion was to capture his artist style in one emblem. The below emblem captured the abstract form of the letter “p” while being in a form of blocks to construct a building.

A simple color palette to build a future brand.

It was obvious when choosing a color palette for Purple Properties, LLC. For the mark, we chose two purples, one bright and vibrant the other dark in shade.

HEX #652090

Dark Purple
HEX #584f68


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