Trak-1 Technology, located in Tulsa Oklahoma, delivers web-based solutions promoting truth, supporting informed decision making, protecting people and instigating transformation through background screening, people management, training, talent assessment, and social collaboration. Trak-1 is nationally recognized, accredited background screening and technology solution. 


The symbol of the unique logo captures the name and process of the organization. 

Trak-1 Technology’s unique mark is comprised of a logotype and circle symbol. When designing the symbol we wanted to capture the process of the organization. We landed on a circle with a track through the middle of the symbol. The circle represents the holistic background screening process which trak-1 offers to their clients. The negative space dividing the circle is the visual representation of the path (track) Trak-1’s clients take during the background screening process. Trak-1 gathers an abundance of information regarding an individual then narrows that information into important, crucial highlights for the client to review. 

Trak-1 circle symbol representing the Trak-1 process.

Anchored to the right of the symbol is the logotype. Designed from a classic typeface that offers multiple font weights. Choosing the heavier font weight in black it brings strength and power to the logo. 

Trak-1 logo.


Bringing the mark and colors to life.

Working closely with the in-house development group at Trak-1 and its affiliate companies, we designed a website that tackled some large obstacles. One of which to highlight their services above the fold.

Trak-1 website design and website development by Squiggle Group and Trak-1 Technology.
Website design and website development by Squiggle Group and Trak-1 Technology.


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