You have the creative concept.
Klar brings clarity to your marketing, branding, and more.

Klar manages your marketing, branding, video, and creative projects so you can focus on growing your business.


Discover clarity when you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed with your creative project.

Even if you know what your project should be, you might feel unsure of how to get there…overwhelmed, or just stuck with what to do next. Klar believes every project, regardless of size, is important and requires clarity to have a successful outcome.

Collage of creative and marketing projects completed by Klar, Inc. including McCoy Roofing website design and development, Bridgestone "Life of a Tire" animation video, and photography for Moto Antics.

Collaborating to develop actionable steps for your project.

Starting a creative project can be daunting. Klar minimizes the complexity of creating your project, clarifying the actionable steps to achieve successful completion.

Three simple steps

Icon for the Project Audit of Klar, Inc. three simple step process.

Project Audit: Review the idea and details.

Klar performs an audit to explore, question, and learn about your specific creative and marketing project to form new ideas clear of complexity.

Icon for the Establish Playbook of Klar, Inc. three simple step process.

Establish the Playbook: Build the project plan.

We develop a detailed project plan called the Playbook. It is our roadmap, outlining the steps and required efforts for a positive outcome.

Icon for the Playbook Review of Klar, Inc. three simple step process.

Playbook Review: Manage and review the progress of the project.

Klar provides a monthly Playbook review to empower clear decision-making and allow for intentional pivots to accomplish project goals.

Projects we are currently empowering.

Branding, strategy, and mobile app design and development for a motocross entertainment company.

Marketing and content creation for a healthcare organization.

Branding, website design and development, and marketing for a national candle brand.

We manage the details of your marketing, allowing you to focus on your business.

As your creative producer, Klar can be responsible for budgeting, schedules, marketing strategies, team management, client relations, vendor management, and the day-to-day management of your creative and marketing projects, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Connecting the correct professionals to your project.

Klar works with creative professionals across the nation, giving us the leverage to partner you with the correct team for your project while managing the details to ensure a successful outcome.

Supporting organizations and projects of all sizes.

Klar works with a wide range of organizations including small businesses, agencies, non-profits, corporations, national and international brands, entertainers, content creators, and entrepreneurs to complete their projects on time, within scope, and minimizing budget scope creep.

Explore some creative and marketing projects Klar has provided clarity through simplicity.

Think Whole Person Healthcare of Omaha Logo.
Chariots4Hope logo.
Bridgestone Tire Logo.
Life Church Logo.
Royalty Roofing and Renovations of Omaha Logo.
Edison Creative Logo.

Is your creative or marketing project next to be empowered with clarity?