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Below are the legal policies that comply with data privacy and consumer protection laws.

At Klar, earning your trust through accountability and transparency is paramount. That’s why we’ve created thorough legal policies adhering to all relevant privacy laws and consumer protections. Please review the details to feel informed and confident in our data handling.

Our Privacy Policy protects your data. It explains what information we collect, how we use it, and how long we keep it. You can also opt-out and contact us for any data-related questions.

Informing Your Choices

Our Cookie Policy explains the various cookies used on our site by Klar and others. These cookies serve different purposes, such as functionality, preferences, analytics, marketing, and social media. It explains cookie types, provides cookie settings access, and details how to control cookie permissions.

Meeting Legal Duties

Our Disclosures keep you fully apprised of Klar’s legal entity status, contact information, website terms, plus California compliance statements as required under various jurisdiction regulations.


Contact us with legal questions.

Questions or Concerns? Please submit inquiries through our contact form if you require any clarification or wish to report issues related to our policies. We use Termly’s Legal Generators to create our policies. We take all matters of transparency and consumer rights seriously.

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