Slaying suicide with a simple website.

Two Brothers Creative contacted us to create a website for their client, Tony Taylor. Inspired by Paris Hilton and driven by Rainbow Hilton’s passion for suicide prevention, we crafted a simple and sleek logo, utilized a caring and gentle color palette, and designed a user-friendly layout. Our objective is to provide an engaging platform to help raise awareness and funds for this important cause.


Tony Taylor, also known as Rainbow Hilton in the drag world, overcame a challenging past marked by poverty, abuse, and multiple suicide attempts to become a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Committed to suicide prevention, he uses drag as a powerful medium to raise awareness and funds, with a current goal of $1 million for the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention initiative for LGBTQ+ youth. By sharing his personal journey, he strives to inspire others facing struggles to seek help.

A sophisticated and simple visual brand identity inspired by Paris Hilton.

Drawing inspiration from pop culture icon Paris Hilton, we crafted a gentle visual brand identity for Rainbow Hilton’s mission. Key to this design is a clean, stylish logo symbolizing both the energy of Rainbow Hilton and the sophistication associated with Paris Hilton. To accompany the logo, we curated a gentle and caring color palette, adding a passionate and visually appealing aspect to the brand, reflecting the spirit of the cause.

A Minimalist Design with Maximum Impact

Consolidating all visual elements, we designed a website for Rainbow Hilton that seamlessly blends minimalism with impact. Prioritizing usability, we optimized the website interface to provide visitors with a straightforward and engaging way to interact with Rainbow Hilton’s important cause. The design not only reflects the resilience and drive behind the suicide prevention initiative, but it also creates a welcoming space for all users and promotes easy navigation. This approach guarantees an optimal user experience, upholding our commitment to making key information and resources readily accessible to those that need it most

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